Friday, May 1, 2009

"Hallowed Ground" article

Those you who do not receive the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) magazine Hallowed Ground can still view the article mentioned in the previous post that is based on the new book The Complete Gettysburg Guide. Click HERE to read the article, and see Steve Stanley's maps and photographs that also appear in the book.

The article is based on the chapter in our book about the June 26, 1863 skirmishes near Gettysburg at Marsh Creek and the Witmer Farm (Bayly's Hill). The book chapter goes into much more detail and also contains driving/walking tours of the areas.


  1. Is the CWPT looking at any of this ground for possible purchase? Like the Witmer Farm area or something?

  2. Jared,

    Not at this time they are not. But you never know in the future, anything is possible.

    Steve Stanley

  3. That Witmer Farm/Bayly's Hill area would be a wonderful area to have saved through purchase or easement. Now that it's getting a LOT more exposure due to our book, as well as the work done by Scott Mingus, folks will learn about this skirmish that happened just a few days prior to the main battle. Due to its location, that area could (and probably will) be threatened by development very soon. There's no interpretation there, no markers of any kind, and the only tour and narrative of the fighting is contained in our book.

    J.D. Petruzzi

  4. Get Adams County Master Dean Schultz out there to save the place! ;-)

    It's kind of funny. The reenactment last year took place on a farm across from the Witmer Farm. In a way, that reenactment was taking place on a real part of the battlefield.

    Hey JD, when are you going to put my blog on your blog list? ;-)

  5. Very cool. We Civil War people need to help out each other. ;-)