Friday, November 13, 2009

Battle of Fairfield Tour Pt. 2 on GettysburgDaily

If you're interested, the second installment of my mini-tour of the July 2, 1863 cavalry battle at Fairfield Pa is now up on GettysburgDaily. The third and final part will likely be on the site in a week or two. The tour is based on our tour in The Complete Gettysburg Guide.

Speaking of which, buddy Mike Rinehart has just put up his review of the book on his blog. It's very flattering, and I was quite speechless when I read it. Mike has such wonderful things to say about the book and Steve Stanley's maps and book design, and we very much appreciate everything that Mike pointed out. Mike, like so many reviewers, points out the uniqueness of our tour of the battlefield rock carvings, and it's nifty that so many folks like and appreciate it. Thank you Mike!

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