Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mike Phipps in Iraq on GettysburgDaily

Folks, perhaps as part of your Thanksgiving events, please take a moment to check out the post from Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Mike Phipps on GettysburgDaily. Mike is a friend of mine who is on his fourth deployment, and was badly wounded previously. The last time I saw Mike was a couple years ago in the Mine Saloon in Gettysburg between (if I recall correctly) his second and third deployments. He is a member of the 1st Cavalry Division, the direct linear descendant of Gen. John Buford's division that was organized in 1863. Today, as I work on the roasting turkey, I'm wearing my 1st Cavalry Division t-shirt in Mike's honor.

The post from Mike will remind you of what these folks are doing for us "over there" and all that they are going through. It jerks you back to reality when you place it in context of all the political football that politicians play with our soldiers and their present situation. It makes you want to smack every politico right in the mouth and tell them to wake up, make the right decisions, give them all they need and accept nothing less than victory. Well, at least it makes me want to do that.

Anyway, please check out the post. Mike, ol' friend, kick the asses that need kicking and come back safe.


  1. I met Mike a few years ago during a battlefield walk (anniversary series) regarding the army regulars. It was a great tour and learned alot. Then about 2 years ago met it at the Plaza and had a conversation down there. Glad to hear that he has recovered from his wounds..wish him well and god speed!!!
    Jim Coyle

  2. Absolutely Mike. Come back safe. I have friends there right now. You are fighting for our liberty and rights.

    Speaking of liberty and rights, have you seen the latest from Eric Wittenberg? He is suing a blog for defamation!!!

    Eric, I knew you were a hot head. Have you been out in the sun too long without your Stetson? Mike is over in Iraq risking his life for free speech and you harass people with lawsuits just because you're an attorney and can sue for free? C'mon.