Sunday, August 1, 2010

Audio Tour examples on YouTube

Casemate, our North American distributor, has put two tracks of the Audio Tour based on The Complete Gettysburg Guide on YouTube. The first track is the stop at the First Shot Marker, and can be found here. The second track is a stop examining the July 2 night attack at East Cemetery Hill, and can be found here.

Audio Tours can be purchased through our website, and there is a special combo price for a tour and the book.

In Gettysburg stores, we've been hearing that the Tour is outselling all other audio tours by eight to one, and we are very grateful! We have been hearing wonderful comments and reviews from folks, and we're so glad that the tour, like the book, is helping folks to see and understand so much more of the battlefield.


  1. Here's a poem I wrote about Gettysburg - an aspect of the battle. I write often about the CW. See my blog for more. It's devoted to the CW. By the way, I've place your blog on my blogroll. All the best.

    Gettysburg: the Wheatfield

    Billy Yank

    Flies circle his head
    like a black halo,
    lay their eggs near the bullet
    lodged in the meat of his brain.

    Scattered among the trampled blades,
    like broken pottery –
    fragments of skull.

    Before the colonel
    gave the order to advance,
    he pinned a note to his uniform.

    My name is Jonathan Victor
    and I love my mother.

    He imagined her proudly smiling
    as the morning sun darted
    off the golden buttons
    that adorned his blue coat.

    Johnny Reb

    A scrap of Confederate flesh
    burdens the flaxen head of a wheat stalk
    that arches toward the ground
    like a cricket leg
    the moment before it springs.

    Back home, a little girl,
    dirt creeping over her feet
    like a pair of old socks,
    scratches her name in the mud
    behind the pig trough.

    S A R A H

    Smart as she is, Pa will hug
    her good and tight
    once the war says
    he can go home.

  2. I got to meet Steve Stanley this weekend at the South Mountain Harpers Ferry tour led by Tom Clemens and Dennis Frye. He told me about the Maryland Campaign book you guys are working on. As a volunteer and tour guide at Antietam I look forward to its release.

  3. Great, thanks Jim! I wish I could have made the tour, but I just had my surgery a couple days before and had to cancel out.
    We've been working hard on the new guide and hope to have it wrapped by year's end, so it'll be available by spring!

  4. Listened to the whole thing over the weekend. Can't wait to try it ot next month at Gettysburg. Nicely done JD and Steve. The information is great and the maps are awesome.

    Tim C