Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surgery report

Looks as though the surgery on my right hand was a success! Already, just a few days after the procedure, I can straighten my fingers out for the first time since early April. And the hand doesn't get numb or tingly anymore. Dr. Christopher Lincoski seems to have done a wonderful job. As I mentioned in the previous post, he's a hand specialist who reportedly gets great results. Since the moment I woke up after the procedure, I haven't had an iota of pain either, so I've already thrown away the pain medication they gave me.

My hand will remain wrapped until Monday, when I can remove the wrap, and then just put a bandage over the incision. The following week the stitches will be removed, and at that time I will schedule surgery for the left hand as soon as possible - I can't wait to get it done now.

There's a lot of physical therapy ahead for both hands, but already I'm typing better and starting to get back to writing that I've been anxious to do. Thanks to everyone who has expressed their best wishes to me, and I appreciate all the kind thoughts. The website for University Orthopedics (with centers in State College and Altoona PA) since some folks have asked, is here. They have many specialists who are excellent. The bio of my surgeon, Dr. Christopher Lincoski, can be found here. Great guy.


  1. Great news! I'm glad you are well on your way to recovery. Take care and I hope the left hand goes as well as the right.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better JD. Take care of yourself.

    Tim C

  3. That's great news.

    Blogging may actually be good physical therapy in itself. During World War II, and uncle of mine was assigned to artillery, and subsequently had one hand crushed when a gun mount failed and the tube fell/rolled on his hand. After he got out of the hospital, he was assigned as a clerk, where he was stuck in front of a typewriter, ten hours a day, six days a week. As ridiculous as that sounds, he gained full use of the hand, and no one who knew him later ever guessed about the original injury unless he chose to tell them.

    Which is a long-winded way of saying, "more posts, please!"

  4. LOL, you got it :)
    And thanks for the inspiration!