Sunday, January 11, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel - for me and football

I've been doing the final edits on the new book I've done with Steve Stanley - The Complete Gettysburg Guide - due out in May. Steve, besides being one of the best in historical cartography, is also about the most talented graphic designer I've ever seen. Steve is laying out the design of the book and we are doing the final tweaks on the placement of certain items. Some time in March, I will post some of the page images here so folks will get a sneak peak at the look of the book.

We also must express appreciation to Rea Andrew Redd, who made a very nice preliminary post about the new book on his blog. We're flattered that from what he has seen, Rea feels that the book will be a must-have resource for something like the Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Exam. We hope so, too! It certainly has a mountain of that obscure "stuff" that any Guide, Ranger, and Gettysburg student likes to know. Thanks Rea, and we hope you enjoy the book once you get it, and that your expectations are realized.

On the lighter side, it was great watching my Steelers (that's "Stillers" for my fellow Western Pennsyltucky comrades) trounce the Chargers today. If they can make it to the Supa Bo... sorry... Super Bowl, wouldn't a face-off against the Iggles... darn... Eagles be fabulous? A Pennsylvania Super Bowl!

Ben looked terrific today. He was definitely on his game.


  1. Sounds great JD!

    Yes, an Keystone Supa Bo would be great! If that were to happen, I think the people of PA should put forth a mandate for the game to be moved to Beaver Stadium in PSU in State College. It is the second largest stadium in the country and is exactly four hours from both Pitt and Philly.

    Lucky wishing, huh?

    Hey, you can use the Hunterstown print for your book if you're short on images for that section. We talked about this earlier, but wanted to double check since you are putting the finishing touches on editing. If not, that's okay. ;) Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Here's how my day went. Giants stunk out the place and then 5 hours of cleaning up ice here after the game. Was not a good day. :)

    Good luck to all who still have teams in the chase for the championship. My reign is officially over. :)

    Take care.