Monday, January 26, 2009

Myles Keogh Blog

I just found a great blog dedicated to the life and career of Myles Keogh by a follower of this blog. It's really fabulous, and my friend Brian Pohanka would be very proud. I added the link to it to my blogroll, and I commend it to you.


  1. J.D., Many thanks for the compliment - it's a work in progress. I'm the co-creator of the Myles Keogh site and was looking to contact you. Can you leave your e-mail address at

  2. J.D.

    I have recently been devouring books on LBH and was wondering if you have a favorite. Who better to ask than a cavalry historian. Thanks for the tip on the Keogh website, this will fit into my current reading.


  3. My pleasure Robert - the site definitely deserves the PR! I'll send you my email. Keep up the great work - I check it out every day.

  4. Hi Bill,

    Many of my LBG books I've gotten from Upton and Sons. Hard to pick a favorite - actually, Keogh is my favorite personality to study. I have two biographical volumes on him, both of which are pretty hard to find.

    My interest in Myles began because of his service on Buford's staff - and he was, of course, a favorite personality of Pohanka's.

  5. Bill,
    For what it's worth, we compiled a top five for books on LBH and Keogh - cut & paste links below;

  6. Thanks Doyle1876 and JD for the info on the books. I've actually read the Stewart book (favorite so far) as well as the Utley and Gray books. I have used the Graham book also for reference. I have bookmarked your site as I have interest in Keogh as well. Thanks again

    Bill O'Brien

  7. Hi J.D..
    Thanks for posting this site.
    Keogh is a close second favorite personality to study.
    I am looking forward to following this site, and learning more of Miles Keogh.
    Rae-Ann McDonald