Saturday, January 3, 2009

"America's Civil War" article - March 2009

The March 2009 issue of "America's Civil War" magazine has just appeared on newsstands and should be in subscriber's mailboxes shortly. I and Steve Stanley have an article in this issue, which is adapted from the Gettysburg Rock Carvings chapter of our upcoming book, The Complete Gettysburg Guide (Savas Beatie, May 2009). Nine of the more than two dozen battlefield carvings from the book appear in the magazine, along with full-color maps and photographs by Steve. The article should whet the appetite of anyone looking forward to seeing the book's full tour of rock carvings, and those who wish to seek them out.

In an upcoming issue of the magazine "Hallowed Ground," which is the official publication of the Civil War Preservation Trust, Steve and I will have another article - this one adapted from the chapter on the June 26 skirmish at Marsh Creek west of Gettysburg between Elijah White's Confederate cavalry and the 26th Pennsylvania Emergency Militia as well as the resulting skirmish later that day at Bayly's Hill (the Witmer Farm). I think the article will be in the issue that is released in March.


  1. JD,
    I just picked up a copy of "America's Civil War" over the weekend. I really enjoyed the article and photos on the Gettysburg rock carvings. This will provide me with something to look for on my next visit. After seeing this article, and the sample map on your blog, I am really looking forward to getting a copy of "The Complete Gettysburg Guide" when it is published. I also just finished reading "One Continuous Fight" and thought that it was excellent.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks, Scott - very much appreciated! Watch our upcoming website ( for details as we get closer to the release.