Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Complete Gettysburg Guide Audio Tour, Vol. 1 - now in stock

On Friday in Gettysburg, our initial stock of Volume 1 of the audio tour - The Gettysburg Battlefield - was delivered to us. If you'd like to order it, simply go to our website. We even offer a discounted deal if you order the audio in combination with the book.

It consists of two discs, 2 1/2 hours total and will take you from the first shot of the battle all the way through Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill. Our audio tour covers twice as much ground as the National Park Service Self-Guided auto tour, and about twice as much as any other audio tour available. Included is a full-color booklet featuring several of Steve Stanley's maps (including his famous Day One All-On-One-Map!) in a full-color package completely designed by Steve. You can take the tour completely at your own speed, and skip among stops however you wish.

It's even better when used in conjunction with the book. Please consider picking up a copy of the audio tour, take it out for a spin, and enjoy Gettysburg!


  1. Just bought it last night at the museum JD. Can't wait to try it in Sept.

    Tim C

  2. JD –
    Had my sister and niece with me during this summer’s annual trip, and a copy of the book in the car. My niece spotted it, which led to a lengthy Sunday drive locating various hospital sites.
    A couple of my female friends spent Monday working their way around the field locating carvings, which they likened to a ‘treasure hunt’.
    I’m thinking the audio tour might help while away some of the snowbound New England winter days lurking just around the corner…
    When are you coming out with the video version? :-)
    Linda (Ellis)

  3. Very cool, Linda!

    Video? I was unsure whether folks would want to listen to me yak for 2 1/2 hours - think anyone would want to watch me too?

    Maybe we shouldn't ask for an answer... :)


  4. I was doing a search on Amazon looking for Gettysburg guides and came across this one. I am interested in ordering it as it seems excellent, but I'm trying to figure out how long you think it would take someone to do the full tour, taking into consideration stops for photos and to take things in etc.

    Me and my brother are coming to Gettysburg in a couple of weeks, but will arrive at around 2 p.m. (maybe a bit earlier) on a Tuesday and leave late afternoon the next day.

    This looks like the best one of what I've looked at so far, so I'm curious.


  5. Thanks! I'll believe you'll definitely find that our audio tour takes you to MANY more places on the battlefield (and off) that the others do not.

    The audio runs a total of 2 1/2 hours, but of course taking time for photos, etc, could take the better part of a day. You may wish to concentrate on a portion of the field (perhaps the 2nd and 3rd day, instead of the first). If you haven't been to Gettysburg before, you might wish to try to do as much of the full tour as possible.

    You can find the audio tour, as well as the Guide book itself, in several locations in Gettysburg: The Gettysburg Gift Center, The American History Store, Battlefields and Beyond Book Store, Gallery 30. The book is in the Visitor Center bookstore, but the audio won't appear there for a few more weeks.

    Have a great time and please let me know how your visit goes! You can send me an email at jdpetruzzi@live.com