Sunday, July 4, 2010

Third winner (fourth day) of the Audio Tour!

Unfortunately, even after making several trips around the Gettysburg battlefield Saturday, Steven Stanley and I couldn't locate anyone carrying a copy of The Complete Gettysburg Guide to award a free copy of our new Audio Tour based on the book. We were at the afternoon battlewalk for Pickett's Charge, and a couple folks who recognized us came up to us - explaining they didn't have the book in hand. Unfortunately, we just didn't see anyone carrying it.

Today, Sunday, however - Steve and I perched ourselves in the shade atop Little Round Top, hoping someone would walk by while carrying the book. After about 15 minutes, Steve spotted a group of folks walking past us. One fellow was carrying the book, and stepped out to the summit and opened it. We walked up to him, and told him about the contest and that he had won a free copy of the audio tour. He introduced himself as Edward Hall, a colonel in the Marines and known as "Colonel Ed." He had gotten the book last year during the Civil War Preservation Trust's membership drive - the CWPT sent a copy of the book to all new members at the $100 gift level, and it included a specially designed bookplate by Steve. Colonel Ed was very happy to get the Audio Tour and be our final winner. They asked us to give them some information about what to see from the summit of Little Round Top, which we were happy to do. We pointed out various sights to them, talked for a while about the July 2 Confederate attack on the hill and the southern portion of the battlefield, and had a great conversation.

Colonel Ed was a very gracious winner, and we enjoyed meeting him and his group. Congratulations to all of our contest winners and we hope you enjoy the Audio Tour!


  1. Sorry: I missed seeing you around.I picked up your book and audio on Sunday. Now that I am retired looking forward to spending leisure time reading;walking the battlefields with your book and audio in hand. This is just what I needed to enlighten me to the experience. Thanks to you and Stanley. looking forward to Volume two.

  2. Thanks so much! We hope you enjoy them, and please let us know.