Friday, December 26, 2008

Now I'm REALLY out of the stone age

A couple posts back, I noted that I'm dumping the dialup internet connection at home, and got a new laptop with Verizon Wireless (air card). Well, the connection is lightning fast (when there's a good signal, which is most of the time) and it even puts the cable modem we have at my office to shame.

But for Christmas, I got an extra surprise. Our daughter's boyfriend sprung for a Microsoft wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse for me. Zowie. This afternoon I installed the software and have them up and running (in fact, I'm using them now). I love this keyboard. It transmits to your laptop up to 30 feet, and it's very easy to use. Plus, there are tons of hot keys on it, with a lot of "one touch" functions. Unless I'm traveling or "on the go," I don't want to use the laptop without the wireless keyboard and mouse. It really is amazing.

One more bonus. My dear wife saved her money and bought a projector for the laptop - it projects anything such as PowerPoint presentations, games, basically anything you're running on your laptop or computer. She knew I wanted one, because they're very handy when making presentations to, for instance, Civil War Roundtables. This past fall, Eric Wittenberg and I spoke to the Harrisburg CWRT and made our presentation with a PowerPoint. Neither of us had a projector, however. Luckily the hotel where we had the meeting provided one, but we had to scramble at the last minute to get the correct cord to hook the dang thing up to Eric's computer. Luckily the hotel found one and it worked, but ever since I've wanted a projector of my own. Now that I can create PPT's and have the projector, I'm all set for the next presentation. All you need is a screen (or just a flat white wall) and you're in business.

Well, between the new laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse, projector, and a few others little items Santa threw under the tree, I feel like I've gone from a tricycle to a Corvette for transportation. (Oh, wait, I already have the Corvette!) But the final result is that I've become much more efficient and faster in my work - namely my writing. Now, maybe I can get a good head start on the first of those next five books my publisher is impatiently waiting for....


  1. (Oh, wait, I already have the Corvette!)

    And every time you come to visit Gettysburg, you just bring the truck. I think the Corvette needs to make a road trip to Gettysburg sometime this spring.


  2. Glad someone is being responsible and spurring on our economy! I must say that the projectors are indeed addictive. Been using them for a few years now (pitfall of my profession). I feel powerless without one at a sales pitch or project status briefing.

    Now that you have all this stuff... does the home owner's policy cover it, or is that a separate policy? ;-)