Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to the new blog!

I've switched blog hosts from WordPress to BlogSpot (Google Blogger) because WordPress' software has lately become screwed up and very difficult to use. This new host will allow me to do much more with the blog.

Please change your links and URLs over to this new one. I will be importing the WordPress "Hoofbeats and Cold Steel" blog into this one and deleting the old one soon.


  1. Hi J.D.,
    I noticed recently that Blogspot added an import/export functionality to their software. If you go that route, please let us (fellow Blogspot users anyway) know how it works for you.


  2. As a long-time WordPress user, keep me informed on hos you like this format. I too have seen problems with WordPress.

  3. J.D.,
    Change bookmarked and noted.

    I guess thus far I've been willing to put up with WorldPress's software because it supports better metadata tags on the content. But if they continue tinkering with the interface, I'd be inclined to migrate.


  4. Hey JD - ironically, I've been considering changing my blog to Wordpress due to all the bells and whistles it offers. Overall, I've been very pleased with blogger. It's very easy to use and, for my purposes, works well. My biggest complaint is that I've recently had problems when writing my post in Word and then cutting and pasting to my blog. The formatting and font size get all screwed up. Anyone have any solutions? I've tried everything to no avail.

  5. This looks like an excellent conference:

  6. Sir,

    I was reading your splendid bio of Buford available at the classic-web.archive (I last read it when the website was available)

    all but Chapter I, and the essential Chapter V - Civil War 1861-1862 (BufordBioV.htm) were accessible (albeit slow loading).

    I was hoping to find Chapter V elsewhere - either on your, your world press blog - or maybe in a "cache" but after searching every post - so far no luck.

    I'm afraid any further searching will take me to some spam or virus site..

    Is there any chance you will re-post this Buford Bio contribution (and other rare text selections from the original site) here on the blog?

    Your work on the original BB site was tremendous and to date unmatched of its kind...the bio of Wesley Merritt was/is personally treasured reading.

    I have linked to your blog


    P.S - My GGF, and two GG uncles were in the 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry from 1861-1865!