Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surgery report

Looks as though the surgery on my right hand was a success! Already, just a few days after the procedure, I can straighten my fingers out for the first time since early April. And the hand doesn't get numb or tingly anymore. Dr. Christopher Lincoski seems to have done a wonderful job. As I mentioned in the previous post, he's a hand specialist who reportedly gets great results. Since the moment I woke up after the procedure, I haven't had an iota of pain either, so I've already thrown away the pain medication they gave me.

My hand will remain wrapped until Monday, when I can remove the wrap, and then just put a bandage over the incision. The following week the stitches will be removed, and at that time I will schedule surgery for the left hand as soon as possible - I can't wait to get it done now.

There's a lot of physical therapy ahead for both hands, but already I'm typing better and starting to get back to writing that I've been anxious to do. Thanks to everyone who has expressed their best wishes to me, and I appreciate all the kind thoughts. The website for University Orthopedics (with centers in State College and Altoona PA) since some folks have asked, is here. They have many specialists who are excellent. The bio of my surgeon, Dr. Christopher Lincoski, can be found here. Great guy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just call me Lefty...

This Wednesday, July 28, I'm finally having the first of the two wrist surgeries to take care of my carpal tunnel syndrome. After several doctor visits and tests - including the infamous EMG electrical test I wish to never take again - I was referred to a hand specialist a few weeks ago. Dr. Lincoski of Allegheny Orthopedics, of State College PA will be doing the surgery. When I saw him earlier this month, he had just come back from volunteering a stint in Afghanistan, performing hand surgery on wounded soldiers and citizens. I think that's very noble. He specializes in only conditions of the hand and wrist, and performs many CTS surgeries... in fact, looking at his calendar for July 28, I saw that I'm one of four CTS procedures he's performing just that day.

No one looks forward to having surgery, but obviously I'm excited to have the chance to put the CTS symptoms behind me. Not only does it make it difficult to type and write, but I've been a DIYer all my life. I enjoy working on all sorts of home projects, and working outside in the yard and garden. For instance, clearing weeds in the garden is more difficult. Heck, just holding onto some objects sometimes can be challenging - causing me to drop things often. Plus, the numbness and tingling in the fingers, probably one of the most annoying symptoms of CTS, makes it difficult to fall asleep, in addition to any minor chore involving the hands that we all take for granted.

I'll report back to my readers sometime after Wednesday when I'm feeling up to it. We're doing the right hand first, so I guess for a while my new nickname will be Lefty!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upcoming Radio Interview - The Law Business Insider

On Tuesday, July 27, I'll be taping a radio interview as the guest on The Law Business Insider. Click here to see their home page, here for archived shows, and here for archived author interviews. Many Savas Beatie authors have appeared as guests on the show, and I'm very honored to be counted among them.

In addition to authors, many prominent politicians, attorneys, business leaders, and newsmakers are interviewed on the show, and it's quite an honor to be asked to appear. LBI shows appear on NBC, Fox News Radio, Sirius, the BBC, XM, Bloomberg, and more. The airing date and time of the show will appear on the bottom of the home page of the website after Tuesday, and it can be listened to anytime by checking the archives.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Complete Gettysburg Guide Audio Tour, Vol. 1 - now in stock

On Friday in Gettysburg, our initial stock of Volume 1 of the audio tour - The Gettysburg Battlefield - was delivered to us. If you'd like to order it, simply go to our website. We even offer a discounted deal if you order the audio in combination with the book.

It consists of two discs, 2 1/2 hours total and will take you from the first shot of the battle all the way through Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill. Our audio tour covers twice as much ground as the National Park Service Self-Guided auto tour, and about twice as much as any other audio tour available. Included is a full-color booklet featuring several of Steve Stanley's maps (including his famous Day One All-On-One-Map!) in a full-color package completely designed by Steve. You can take the tour completely at your own speed, and skip among stops however you wish.

It's even better when used in conjunction with the book. Please consider picking up a copy of the audio tour, take it out for a spin, and enjoy Gettysburg!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Third winner (fourth day) of the Audio Tour!

Unfortunately, even after making several trips around the Gettysburg battlefield Saturday, Steven Stanley and I couldn't locate anyone carrying a copy of The Complete Gettysburg Guide to award a free copy of our new Audio Tour based on the book. We were at the afternoon battlewalk for Pickett's Charge, and a couple folks who recognized us came up to us - explaining they didn't have the book in hand. Unfortunately, we just didn't see anyone carrying it.

Today, Sunday, however - Steve and I perched ourselves in the shade atop Little Round Top, hoping someone would walk by while carrying the book. After about 15 minutes, Steve spotted a group of folks walking past us. One fellow was carrying the book, and stepped out to the summit and opened it. We walked up to him, and told him about the contest and that he had won a free copy of the audio tour. He introduced himself as Edward Hall, a colonel in the Marines and known as "Colonel Ed." He had gotten the book last year during the Civil War Preservation Trust's membership drive - the CWPT sent a copy of the book to all new members at the $100 gift level, and it included a specially designed bookplate by Steve. Colonel Ed was very happy to get the Audio Tour and be our final winner. They asked us to give them some information about what to see from the summit of Little Round Top, which we were happy to do. We pointed out various sights to them, talked for a while about the July 2 Confederate attack on the hill and the southern portion of the battlefield, and had a great conversation.

Colonel Ed was a very gracious winner, and we enjoyed meeting him and his group. Congratulations to all of our contest winners and we hope you enjoy the Audio Tour!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

WINNER of the second Free Audio Tour contest!

On Friday here at Gettysburg, fellow blogger and historian Rea Andrew Redd was spotted with his copy of The Complete Gettysburg Guide during a battlewalk - he's the second winner of the free copy of our Audio Tour based on the book. Rea is a big supporter of our book, and he was very happy to be our second winner.

Steve Stanley and I have made a few trips around the field today (Saturday) but haven't located our third winner yet. The tour is in several stores around town, and it has been selling extremely well - in fact, it's far outselling the other tours currently available, including another tour that was just released on July 2. We are very honored by that, and we hope folks who have them enjoy and learn.

Congratulations again Rea, and who will be our third winner....?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

WINNER of the first free Audio Tour contest!

We have a winner of the first free Audio Tour (based on The Complete Gettysburg Guide)! Today Steve Stanley and I rode around the first day's field at Gettysburg, and we spotted a gentleman carrying a copy of the book during the Railroad Cut battlewalk. It turned out to be Frank Piatek, who is the author of Cannoneers, To Your Posts! Frank was not aware of the contest, but was happy to be our first winner. We also saw at least one other person carrying the book on the walk.

Congratulations to Frank - that's one free audio tour, three more to go from tomorrow through Sunday!