Monday, May 10, 2010

First volume of Audio Tours now on Amazon

Some of you may be aware that I am currently enjoying the pleasant symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Yes, it's a hoot, but I've been surprised lately how many folks have been afflicted with it. Seems as common as the common cold. It's pretty severe in my right hand, which makes it difficult to type and do other simple tasks. I have seen both my family doctor and a specialist, and will be scheduling surgery shortly. I look forward to getting back to normal and putting this behind me.

Volume One of the audio tours based on The Complete Gettysburg Guide is now on Amazon - see the page here. This volume is The Battlefield, containing 2 CDs totalling about 2 1/2 hours. It all comes in a full-color digipak, with an 8-page booklet containing maps by Steve Stanley - who in fact designed the entire package, just like the book. We really hope folks enjoy it, and riding and walking the battlefield with us. Future audio volumes, such as the cavalry battlefields and a "Hidden Gettysburg" volume will be announced soon!


  1. Re the CTS, I get it periodically. The best treatment I have found is a hand support, made of metal with velcro fastenings. Available at some drugstores. Also medical supply houses. Good luck.

  2. Dick,

    I wear the braces at night, and during the day some too. It does seem to help when I wake up in the morning, but overall they don't give me the relief I need - the fingers still get numb and tingly. I'm at the point where surgery is the only long-term option right now.

    Thanks for the good wishes!