Thursday, December 30, 2010

We never stop learning...

There is no doubt that we never stop learning - the more we look, study, listen, scrutinize and question, the more that is revealed to us.

All those old pictures taken during the Civil War - ones we've looked at a million times - seem like old hat to many of us. But today, has published a photo study of a Gardner photo at Gettysburg that has perhaps revealed more about the battlefield than we've seen in quite some time. Check it out here.

It might be high time we take all this digital technology we have and really start looking at all those old photos. I think the learning has only just begun. Again.


  1. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing that.

    (Now there's another site I need to start following. :) )

  2. I look at it every day! Webmaster and LBG Bobby Housch does an amazing job.

    Tomorrow, he'll be posting some theory(ies) about the pics possible location.

  3. JD Hope you are right. There are limits to what can be done, despite movie & TV shows "enhancing" grainy stills to reveal a clear picture of the culprit. But this should certainly get folks taking another look at a lot of photos.

  4. Indeed, Bob! I've seen on several chat boards that lots of folks are starting to do just that. Amazing that this hasn't really been done for some of these photos until recently, but better late than never!


  5. "but better late than never!"....

    JD...We here in Hunterstown agree wholeheartedly!
    True historians are always looking for more information, better pictures...better maps...
    all to aid in the telling...of history's whole story.
    Thankfully, with all the modern technology..
    we are able to reach more more places ...with more information.
    It wasn't until our website was up...
    more and more people came to Hunterstown's aid...
    to help us tell the story here.
    Many were "reminded" of things stored away in attics...of old pictures they held on to...journals that their families kept...
    Emailing, texting, etc....passed that information along at an amazing speed...
    How exciting now, to be able to SEE more clearly into the past! Thanks for all you are doing!