Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interview by Greg Caggiano

Sportswriter, historian and friend Greg Caggiano interviewed me today via email for his blog From New York to San Franciso. He asked terrific questions, ranging from my participation in the "To Appomattox" television miniseries, to the newest book, and even my favorite Civil War movies and generals. It was great fun. Please give it a look, and thank you Greg for letting me yap a little about my passions!


  1. Dave, great interview! Do you have anyone or groups that you are using for civilian advisors? I do both civilian and military living history and feel getting the civilian portrayal with regards to the right look and attitude in regards to accuracy is just as important as the military. If the film producers have not chosen anyone, I would be more than happy to give you my recommendations on civilian advisors/period clothes makers. You can reach me at I have been a member of the Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society for 11 years and our group is one of the most authentic groups in the country. You can see more at where there is a plethora of photos and info on our events and breadth of experiences. You can't miss me, I am the only black woman in the group and have several photos in our revolving photo cartoon on the opening page. We have a lot of fun interpreting civilian life!

    Anita L. Henderson

  2. Hi Anita!
    Great website. Yes, in our Historical Dept, we will have advisors on all topics including the civilian impressions. That will be worked out very early next year, and I will be in touch by then. Thanks!