Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gettysburg trip(s)

My apologies to my readers for not posting in a while, but I've been taking a long-deserved break of sorts and doing lots of family stuff lately. I realized recently that I've been writing constantly for about the past four years - three books, several articles, and several other projects - and felt it was time to take a little break. Over the holiday weekend, Karen and I took our daughter out in the boat and we did a lot of fishing - and actually caught fish! It was a relaxing time, and I also got quite a number of projects done around the house that have been waiting much of those four years. I still have several more projects to complete, and have promised myself that I'm going to do them this summer in spite of the fact that I'm starting the next book in late July (a very exciting project with Steve Stanley - more to come about this!).

This Sunday afternoon, I'm driving to Gettysburg to meet up again with my publisher Ted Savas (see his post about his travels this weekend), and to also meet Savas Beatie marketing director Sarah Keeney. We're going to do a little battlefield trekking, and also meet with several distributors. I have to come back home late Monday night, spend Tuesday and Wednesday morning in the office, then drive back to Gettysburg in the afternoon to attend the Civil War Preservation Conference. At the CWPT's Wyndham Hotel HQ on Thursday, Steve and I will have a book signing for our new The Complete Gettysburg Guide. My other books will also be available in addition to several other Savas Beatie titles. I'm very much looking forward to seeing old friends there, as well as making many new ones.
Steve and I have a bunch of book signings scheduled through June and July, and soon I will post the schedule here as well as on the new book's website. I always enjoy them very much - there's nothing I like better than interacting with folks about the books, and hearing their comments and criticisms. Feedback is very, very important to me. I hope to see many of my friends on the fields very soon!

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