Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Second edition of The Complete Gettysburg Guide ordered!

Steve Stanley and I, as well as our publisher Savas Beatie LLC, are proud and humbled to announce that a second edition of The Complete Gettysburg Guide has just been ordered - and the first edition isn't expected to arrive from the printer for another couple of weeks. Pre-release sales and activity has made it obvious that the first edition would barely last beyond release - and for that we are all very grateful to everyone who has ordered the book and expressed interest in it! The first edition print run was itself rather sizable, but it has become necessary to order a second run that can be shipped early in June to fulfill demand.

So if anyone who has not yet ordered the book wishes to have a first edition - and at the risk of sounding like I'm only shilling books - please do order very soon. Those that have already ordered (or order very quickly) from our book website, or Savas Beatie's site, are guaranteed a first edition of the book (the Special Editions available only on our site are comprised of only first editions obviously). However, if you wait much longer to order we may run out of first editions to fill regular orders. If you've ordered from online sites and storefronts, you should get a first edition. But again, if you wait a few weeks or wait to see it on a store shelf later on, you likely may not see a first edition. (Okay, shilling over!)

Steve and I had a small supply of the books pulled and sent to us directly from the printer (at rather great cost per book) so that we would have them for the Civil War Preservation Trust Conference in Gettysburg next week. We'll have those until we run out at the Conference book sale on Thursday June 4. But we won't have any more until a couple weeks later when the distributor receives them, and we'll begin shipping out our website orders. We expect all orderers to have their copy by June 15 if not a bit sooner.

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