Monday, May 11, 2009 Presentation Sept. 20

I'm very excited to have been asked by the folks of the fabulous GettysburgDaily website to do a presentation for the site this September 20. That day, I will be meeting Bobby Housch to do a taping of tours of the battles of Hunterstown (July 2), Fairfield (July 3) and - if there is time - South Cavalry Field (July 3 - Merritt and Farnsworth).

I've been addicted to the website for some time now. It features very interesting photographic studies of what is going on with the field and town, historic battle and town studies, and video tours by rangers, Guides, and historians. I'm honored to have been asked to participate based on the tours and narratives of the new book I've done with Steve Stanley, The Complete Gettysburg Guide. The taping is a ways off due to the fact that Bobby is literally booked up with presentations through the summer, but I thought I'd give everyone a heads up. Steve Stanley will also be along, and we will likely have some of Steve's maps from the book up on the site. Steve has mapped for the very first time, for instance, the opening skirmishes of the fights at Hunterstown and Fairfield, in addition to the several maps of the battles. He's also done the most accurate and detailed maps of Merritt's skirmish and Farnsworth's Charge on South Cavalry Field ever done. You can only find these in the book.

I'd say I hope they shoot me from my best side, but too many folks I know are likely to comment that it would mean you wouldn't see my face....


  1. I too have long been addicted to this website. Bobby is a great guy and very dedicated.

  2. The more you talk about this new book, the more I want to get it. Good writing.

    Tim Carnahan

  3. Two rangers were talking about this book at the main desk in the VC yesterday. They were pretty enthused by it and that must speak well for it. Stanleys maops are the best, period.

  4. That's wonderful - as you'll see in the Introduction, many ranger friends had a hand in this book (knowingly or not) over the years. Listen to a knowledgable ranger or Guide and you'll learn more than the books can tell you. Steve and I are very thankful that the Park personnel are anticipating the book.

  5. Ordered mine 2 days ago and planning a trip in June ....can't wait !


  6. This is great news JD!
    I am looking forward to your presentation on Gettysburg Daily.