Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photo Contest Winner!

Tyler Fasnacht on Big Round Top with
The Complete Gettysburg Guide

Young Mr. Tyler Fasnacht is the winner of our Complete Gettysburg Guide Photo Contest! In July, we started a contest for folks to send us pictures of them holding the book, or with the book in various places such as the battlefield, etc. Tyler sent us a photo of him holding the book on the summit of Big Round Top. ALL of the photos were simply fantastic - many of them very creative and taking much effort to create. But we feel that anyone who is willing to lug the book all the way to the top of Big Round Top deserves a prize!

Tyler has his choice of a Special Signed and Numbered Limited Gettysburg Edition of the book, or a choice of any other Savas Beatie title on us! Congratulations to Tyler, and congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated.

Here are more submissions:
Craig "The Marker Hunter" Swain

Ron Linfonte (center) and his two sons, along with
a Harpers Ferry Springfield musket given to his grandfather
in the 1920's by a Civil War veteran

Rae-Ann McDonald, in full cavalry uniform, with her
steed Maybee, both enjoying The Guide

Now you can see why it was so difficult to choose a winner! More photos to come...


  1. These are great. I think that Maybee the horse is actually READING the book! =)


  2. My sister keeps trying to talk me into walking up there. Seems like alot of hiking for me though.

    Tim C.