Friday, September 4, 2009

"Plenty of Blame To Go Around" makes Top 50 Civil War Books of All Time list

I was quite honored to learn today that Plenty of Blame To Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg made the updated Old Baldy Civil War Roundtable (Philadelphia PA) list of the 50 Civil War Books of All Time. This book (my first, and co-authored with Eric Wittenberg) appeared in 2006 and came in at #50. We are in terrific company - classics by Foote, McPherson, Shaara, Sears, Frassanito, Catton, Warner, etc. headline the list.
To have your work thought of as important as these classics is humbling and gratifying. Thank you to those who formulate the list, to all those who have enjoyed the book, and everyone for thinking so highly of the work. It is appreciated beyond words!


  1. J. D.,

    It is indeed humbling and flattering all at the same time. To use a word you used, it is an awesome feeling to know that our work is held in such esteem, and it validates why I do what I do.


  2. Congratulations,

  3. good job...glad to see there are such great authors such as you and Petruzzi giving us great reads

  4. Congrats JD.

    Tim Carnahan