Monday, June 28, 2010

Audio Tour update - and a CONTEST!

We recently got word that the first Audio Tour of the main battlefield, based on The Complete Gettysburg Guide, will be available in Gettysburg this Wednesday, June 30. It will not be available in the GNMP Vistor Center bookstore, however, until the following week - Event Network, the company that runs the store, is unable to code it into their retail system until then. We've tried everything to help them get it listed more quickly, but unfortunately it can't be done. So even though it won't be available there until the week of July 5, the Audio Tour will be available at the following locations:

Battlefields and Beyond Book Shoppe (in Old Gettysburg Village)
The American History Store (corner of Steinwehr and Baltimore)
Gallery 30 (on the Square)
The Gettysburg Gift Center (Steinwehr Ave)

Steve Stanley and I have signings set up at each of these locations as follows:

Thurs., July 1 - 11am -4pm - We will be at the Hunterstown event in Hunterstown, about 4 miles northeast of Gettysburg
6pm - 8pm - Signing at Battlefields and Beyond Book Shoppe
Fri., July 2 - 2pm -5pm - Signing at the Gettysburg Gift Center
6pm - 8pm - Signing at the tent outside the American History Store
Sat., July 3 - 6pm- 8pm Signing at Battlefields and Beyond Book Shoppe

We have bookplates that we can sign and place into each Audio Tour.

Now for the CONTEST!

Over the four days from July 1 through the 4th, Steve and I will be making trips around the battlefield, and getting out to walk a little at certain spots. The first person, on each day, that we see out carrying a copy of The Complete Gettysburg Guide will win a FREE signed copy of the Audio Tour! Please note - the winner must be out on the field with the book (having it in the car doesn't count). There will be one winner each day, and you can only win once. It must be somewhere out on the field - our book signings don't count. You don't know where we might be or at what time (we don't know yet either!) but it might be anywhere on the main battlefield or even East Cavalry Field. We might be at the popular spots - the High Water Mark, Little Round Top - or perhaps at less-walked areas of the field. Obviously, we can't be out on the field during book signings, but at any other time we could be out looking for that winner.

So if you're in Gettysburg July 1-4, make sure to take your copy of the book out with you, and we hope you're the lucky winner that day! (If a winner happens to already have a copy of the Audio Tour, we can substitute a copy of Volume 2 of the tour series when it's available.)

Good luck, and we hope to see you out on the field with your book!

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