Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gettyburg Guide wins US Army Historical Foundation's Distinguished Writing Award!

Steve Stanley and I couldn't be more humbled about the great news about the book that's been coming this week. Today, it was announced that The Complete Gettysburg Guide has won the US Army Historical Foundation's 2009 Distinguished Writing Award in the Reference category. Each year, the AHF chooses a small amount of books, across the entire spectrum of military historical releases, to win in various categories such as Reference, Biography, and Battles/Campaigns. Considering the release of many wonderful books last year, that ranged from topics of the Colonial Period to the current Middle East conflicts, that vied for recognition in these categories, this award is more than we ever hoped for.

Matthew Seelinger, the AHF's Chief Historian, paid us a great compliment when he said, "J. David Petruzzi's and Steven Stanley's The Complete Gettysburg Guide is the definitive reference book for anyone planning to visit the Gettysburg battlefield." All Steve and I ever hoped for regarding the book was for it to be useful for visitors to understand the battle, the campaign, see things they may never have thought to look for, and in general just appreciate the ground and the town. Such a high honor makes us grateful beyond words.

Thanks so much to the US Army Historical Foundation, and to everyone who has appreciated the book. It motivates us to keep working and learning. And appreciating how very lucky we are.


  1. Congrats... well deserved; it's a superb book with excellent maps. I wish you two could but a similar book out on all the major battles, including the western ones.
    Well done.

  2. Congratulations JD, GREAT book.. you and Steve deserve it..

  3. Badgervan,

    Thank you! The Maryland Campaign guide is coming next year :)

    And more to come...

  4. JD and Steve,
    That is great news! This little book of yours has really put the excitement back into touring a battlefield. I'll be bringing my copy with me to Gettysburg next week.
    Looking forward to the Maryland Campaign.

  5. Congratulations JD!!!
    I am glad to see you and Steven Stanley getting the recognition that you both deserve for this wonderful book. The Complete Gettysburg Guide will always be a book that I will refer to when I plan my next visit to Gettysburg. I am definitely looking forward to the next book on the Maryland Campaign.

  6. Congratulations again guys! Well deserved!


  7. It does not suprise us one bit to see JD and Steve receiving all sorts of recognition for this guide! My husband has been traveling to Gettysburg since he was 4 years old, and wishes he had it in his hands all those years.
    We are now living here in Hunterstown, and use it on our weekly trips to the battlefield. It is first rate! Anyone who is not familar with this guide...must pick one up! The maps are outstanding!The narration and directions...
    are explicit...for anyone, even a novice to CW history! We are especially grateful to JD and Steve for their inclusion of The Battle of Hunterstown! Generations will thank these two!
    Hunterstown and the Harding's do!

    Laurie and Roger Harding
    the Tate Farm, Hunterstown, PA

  8. Thanks Laurie and Roger, and thanks again for your hospitality last week. We always enjoy the event.
    BTW - someday, I wanna walk the old road trace through the field and woods... :)