Monday, June 14, 2010

Very nice compliments about books in Hanover Evening Sun editorial

Marc Charisse, editor of the Evening Sun newspaper in Hanover, Pennsylvania made some really nice comments about The Complete Gettysburg Guide in his editorial of Sunday, June 13. You can read the entire editorial online here. Two of my books, in fact were mentioned - the Guide, coauthored with Steve Stanley, as well as Plenty of Blame To Go Around, coauthored with Eric Wittenberg. We are very grateful to Marc for his kind words about the books - when the editorial was pointed out to me by Gettysburg friend Dean Shultz, I was greatly humbled at Marc's words. Here are the pertinent portions of the editorial:

"... last November, I finally found the book that could safely guide me
across Gettysburg all by itself... 'The Complete Gettysburg Guide.' At
last, the one book I'd take to Gettysburg if I could only take one book.
It's got everything - walking tours, driving tours, battle maps, monuments and
battlefield lore. In a way, Petruzzi's new book is too good, pointing out
all those cool rock carvings, dinosaur fossils and other hidden battlefield
stuff some of us had to spend years to find. If you see me on the
battlefield, I'll let you take a look at my copy..."

And about "Plenty of Blame To Go Around":

"(It) is the best study of J.E.B. Stuart's famous ride around the Union
army. It includes detailed descriptions of the battles of Hanover and
Hunterstown, as well as an excellent driving tour. A great

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